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When asked what may happen between Mrs Hughes and Mr Carson after their little paddle in the sea at the end of the Christmas episode, Phyllis said: “Nothing. They are just very good friends. There was nothing to indicate a romantic interlude. It’s back to business as usual.

“Everyone is really determined that Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes are going to fall into each other’s arms, declare undying love and either swan off into the sunset together or stay on as Mr and Mrs Carson.

“But I don’t know, you need to ask Julian (Fellowes, the writer) about that.

“It’s very slow-burning between them. They are both more concerned about health and safety in Downton Abbey than romance.

“We can’t open up to anyone else because of our status in the house.

“In those personal chats, it’s the only chance to see a chink into our personal lives. A lot of people want us to get together – and we do as well – but because housekeepers and butlers were usually unmarried, it has to proceed at a stately pace and that is what it’s doing.”

*More S5 info in the article

Jim Carter who plays Carson and Mrs Hughes, the housekeeper, at the season launch for Downton Abbey season 5



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Is it just me or in the Downton Abbey series 5 trailer during the fire scene there are Carson and Mrs Hughes that direct the "escape"??


The man with the flashlight is definitely Mr. Carson. Someone thought that the woman leaning on the railing was Miss Baxter, but it would make sense if she were Mrs. Hughes. The heads of staff would make sure everyone else got out safely. That’s probably not Anna, because she would most likely be at the cottage with Mr. Bates, right?

I think the woman’s face is more similar to Miss Baxter. And that the other woman is Mrs Hughes based on her figure..


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I’m just curious.

Phyllis Logan in Day of the Flowers.. Sadly she’s only there for like 4 minutes or so.. Phyllis Logan in Day of the Flowers.. Sadly she’s only there for like 4 minutes or so..

Phyllis Logan in Day of the Flowers.. Sadly she’s only there for like 4 minutes or so..


So the aim of this is to create some kind of list of people who blog downton stuff because I am not following nearly enough people and yeah so let’s make some kind of list to refer to


Okay…I’m sure there’s a word for the black piece of clothing she’s wearing over her blouse/skirt, but I cannot for the life of me remember it. Anyone?